Beautiful is take care of you - Beautiful is take care of you

“Beautiful is take care of you” is the campaign name of INCA (National Cancer Institute) on control of breast cancer. The video shows several women talking about the importance of taking care and, subsequently, the actress Camila Morgado takes questions about breast cancer.

In just over five minutes, the actress, who donated her fee for the campaign, provides useful information about the control and prevention of disease. The video highlights the importance of mammography and clinical breast examination for early detection and explains that they can not be replaced by self-examination. Explains that women from the age of 40 should do every year, the clinical breast exam with a health professional trained for this.

Achievement: INCA – National Cancer Institute
Director: Adriana L. Dutra
Executive Producer: Claudia Dutra
Screenplay: Flavia Guimaraes
Assistant: Carla Piske
Camera: Guilherme Rodrigues
Cast: Camila Morgado
Testimonials: Maria Sanchez, Janaina Vilela, Paula Darienzo, Fábia Conception, Erica, Elaine Moura, Adriana Ribeiro, Barbara Rocha, Thereza Santos, Paula Dutra

Year: 2010
Duration: 5min